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How This Site Works

ferruccimusic.com is the official site of Composer/Artist Frank Ferrucci. There are 2 main areas of the site:

• Ferruccimusic, a searchable database of music available for licensing.

• Frank Ferrucci's Artist site; original music composition, including Filmography and Discography pages with audio clips

• Coming Soon: A CD store where FF music CDs are available for sale

This is how ferruccimusic.com works:
ferruccimusic.com is a searchable database of unique music available for licensings inf film and video projects. There are some very powerful features available to music editors and producers.

How to search for and download music clips:
Music clips in lo resolution mono mp3 format can be searched for and auditioned by a variety of critera, including genre,style, mood, and instrumentation. A general search function is also available.

A search will return a list of music clips and their varations that can be auditioned. If you think you may like to use this clip, you can "keep" it by adding ot to your selects list. YOu can search as many times as you wish, adding mpe clips to your selects list. (C)

When you are finished, you can access your selects list, audition your selected clips, delete or even go back and add more clips. You can then make a final download list.You can name and save your list if you like. The great thing about this is that you can make a list and, without downloading the clips, access your list at a later time (with a client) and make a final decision. You must log in and register with ferruccimusic.com to use the lists feature and to download the clips.

Downloading the mp3 clips doesn't cost anything, but as we said, you must register with the site with a user name and password to do so. We are protective of our copyrighted music, and, by downloading the sample clips, we are not giving you a license to use this music. (More on licensing below) However, we understnd that for film and video production, clps need to be heard against picture, so we have provided low resolution mono mp3 for you to work with.

Once you download the clips, you will be sent an email containing the list name, contnents of the list, information about licensing and contact information.

If you wish to licensie any of the music for your multi media production, you can contact us and we will discuss fees and issue a synchronization license. Fees depend on the type of use. High quality music files will then be delivered to you in a variety of methods

Quality of the downloadable clips: we've thought a lot about this. Because piracy is, unfortunately, an issue, the cli[ps available for download and audition are lo res mono mp3s with an unobtursive "scratching" superimposed. This allows for integration with narration, dialog, and sond effects without attracting attention to pops, beeps, distortion or spoke word, common in other downloadable clips.


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