Dangerous World: The Kennedy Years

1996, 90 mins, Produced by Mark Obenhaus and Ed Gray for ABC, narrated by Peter Jennings.
The Irish musical theme of Frank's score features Irish flute, Ullian pipes, Irish fiddle, cello and Irish percussion. Some of the more tense scenes of the film are scored more darkly more with orchestral strings and percussion.

Film Summary: President Kennedy's three years in office were three of the most difficult years of any presidency. The United States was locked in a global power struggle with the Soviet Union. Dangers included the threat of nuclear war, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and growing racial tension in the South. While many considered the Kennedy family to live in "Camelot," this film takes a rather hostile look at the life of JFK, including allegations of mob ties, a secret war against Fidel Castro, endless encounters with women, and many opportunities for blackmail.

  • Father

    Marilyn Monroe

    Opening Part 1