The Italians

Produced and Directed by by William Livingston for Discovery Network, 120 mins
Narrated by actress Linda Hunt, " atmospheric view of Italians, the photography is often stunning-and just the spectacular camera work would make this documentary a treat for the eyes, if nothing else. The interviews with Italians seek to provide a sampling of the national character, with the emphasis on exuberant and artistic living, national pride, and timeless family traditions. As one interview subject puts it, Italians always strike "a rare blend of art and life." --Robert J. McNamara

Frank's score ranges from subtle guitar and strings for Venice's Carnivale, to dramatic percussion of the raw power of the Matanzza, from the ever annual Sicilian tuna fishing netting ritual, to the evocative vocal and hammer dulcimer theme of the free dive by photographer Fabrizio Feri, to the bright mandolin wlatz that serves up Mariss's Italian lunchtime feast to the boat men of Venice.

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