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Frank Ferrucci News: Film Scoring Seminars and at NAMM in Anaheim, CA

A Word from Frank

Dear Friends:
My seminars, part of my film scoring series Approaches to Music for Film and Visual Media are returning to NAMM 2018 (National Association of Musical Merchants) at the Anaheim, CA Convention Center on Friday January 26. From noon to 1 pm I will present Behind the Scenes: A look into the creative process and challenges of composing music for film and visual media, a NAMM U Tek Tracks Master Class in the Hilton Hotel Avila Room, level 4, which gives a behind the scenes look into the creative process and real life challenges of composing music for film and visual media. New this year, there will be a one hour Meet Up Q&A and mentoring session after the seminar. This year marks the 4th year I've presented one of my seminars as part of NAMM's Tec Tracks, formerly H.O.T. Zone, educational program, co-sponsored by Manhattan Producers Alliance.

I've enjoyed presenting these seminars to audiences at NAMM, San Francisco; in São Paulo, Brazil at Berklee affiliated Conservatório Souza Lima and in my home town New York City at the AES 2014, 2015, and 2017 conventions and the Apple Store Soho Theater. This week's seminars and demos are free events for NAMM registrants. If you are planning to attend the convention please stop by and say hello.

All the best,
Frank Ferrucci, New York City, January 15, 2018

My music, as always, is here on my web site. Just click the Discography or Filmography buttons on the left.

Seminar Summary and Booking Information
NYC Film and TV composer Frank Ferrucci is now offering his seminars "Approaches to Music for Film and Visual Media" to professional, educational, arts and cultural organizations. The seminar gives a behind the scenes look into the creative process and real life challenges of composing music for film, television, dance, and other visual media.
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About the Seminar: "Approaches to Music for Film and Visual Media"
New York City Film and TV composer Frank Ferrucci's seminar Approaches to Music for Film and Visual Media, presented to enthusiastic and capacity audiences in New York City,Los Angeles, San Francisco and São Paulo, Brazil, gives a behind the scenes look into the creative process and real life challenges of composing music for film and visual media.

Frank presents an educational and entertaining seminar, sprinkled with anecdotes from his long career. He lays out a fascinating description of a musical life that has strongly influenced his approach to film music, beginning with his roots as a Latin/Brazilian jazz pianist and band leader, through his work with modern dance, to his composing career today.

This seminar will be enjoyed by students, composers, musicians, producers, and film music lovers in general who would like an opportunity to view through a veteran composer's eyes the creative, collaborative and technical processes involved in making music for film.

Frank explores the approaches used by composers of several famous films and, using examples from his own work, shows particular insight into how he himself creates music for the moving image. Frank's interspersed anecdotes about his long career are some of the most entertaining and enlightening moments of the seminar. And most importantly, he exposes the "strategy of storytelling": the creative process involved in musically and emotionally supporting the narrative of a film and the vision of the film maker.

The seminar also addresses some of a composer's less obvious responsibilities as Frank delves into the history and evolution of setting up film cues; working with timings and tempo; the use of past and current technology in the art of film scoring; how computers are used in the creative process and how technology can be used to help make a composer's job easier.

What others have to say

"Frank is clearly a master at his craft, and he patiently and generously shares all of his accumulated knowledge and tricks of the trade in this fascinating and very thorough Film Music Seminar. Afterwards, my head was literally swimming with all of the new-found bits of information and insights he so thoroughly and clearly covered, and I could hardly wait to get home to put them into action. Highly recommended!!"
D.D. Jackson
Composer for "The Wonder Pets" and Juno Award winning Jazz Pianist/Composer

"One of the best Film Music Seminars I've ever attended! Mr. Ferrucci was able to entertain his audience, lead them through a full spate of procedures related to the art of film music composition, educate them with doses of reality, and regale them with his air of refreshing professionalism"
Chris Kaufman

"I attended a Frank Ferrucci film music seminar to extend my reach in scoring and composition for the moving image. Frank generously provided me with a wealth of usable knowledge and information. Thanks Frank, I owe you one."
Bashiri Johnson

"I have been a big fan of Frank Ferrucci's approach to writing for film. I was in NY in July of 2012, and I was lucky to attend his seminar, which, as a singer and songwriter, I found very enlightening. He knew so much and created such a very relaxed atmosphere that I wished the seminar had lasted longer. Hearing about his experiences and understanding his artistic approach helped me see that no matter how advanced our technology, what ultimately matters is our feelings towards the images we see."
Vanessa Falabella
Vocalist, São Paulo, Brazil

"Frank's seminar was cutting-edge yet fully informed by the history of his craft; his sophisticated workflow management techniques always served the fundamental needs of his projects."
Roger Blanc
Composer/Guitarist and Film Musician

Frank's CDs

I have now released 3 CD's of my music on Baioca Records. Jewel Eyes, now on CD with a new mix of Aurora which features Gato Barbieri, with whom I played for 10 years. This track has been re-mixed by Paul Special and includes a new solo track by guitarist Bill Washer. I've had the CD re-mastered by Luiz Tornaghi, the two time Grammy winner in Rio de Janeiro. Luiz has also mastered a an upcoming release of my Music of the Americas Ensemble, which has 13 tracks covering 2 sessions featuring an all star cast of Latin and Brazilian jazz musicians, including Claudio Roditi, Dick Oatts, Mario Rivera, Conrad Herwig, Roland Briseño, Romero Lubambo, Lincoln Goines, Frank Gravis, Bernard Purdie, Richie Morales, Kim Plainfield, Phoenix Rivera, Cyro Baptista, Daniel Ponce, Joe Gonzalez, Isidro Bobadilla, Endel Dueño, Freddy Diaz, Paul Wegman, Dan Carter, and Rudy Calzado. I'm very excited about getting all 3 of these CD out there. I've dedicated the album to my friend Mario Rivera with whom I had the pleasure of sharing some great music.

Film Music Inspired by the Indian Railway, a project that I developed over several years has reached a wide audience since its release last December. Some of the music has appeared in the The National Geographic™film, "The Great Indian Railway", Directed by William Livingston, which I originally scored in 1994. I'm happy to make this music available on CD on my new record label, Baioca Records which I formed last year to feature and distribute my music.

Liner notes, more information, web clips, and links to purchase the CD or download the music are available on my Discography page on this web site. Just click the orange Discography button on the left.

About the Web Site

The site has two distinct areas for you to explore. Once area (this one) is devoted to my work as a film composer, musician and recording artist. On the Discography page you can listen to cuts from my recordings and view liner notes and my personal session comments. You can also browse the Filmography page and listen to excerpts from the films I've scored. I've included some personal notes about the film scores and their recording sessions, You can also listen online to montages (actually online reels) of my film music. There is a Biography page as well. And this page, What's New.

The second area of the site, which can be accessed by the green Search buttons throughout the site, is a searchable database of my Production Music Library. Over 2500 selections are currently available (more to be added soon) for licensing for use in film, television, web sites, videos and DVD. You can search for music by Keyword, Genre, Style, Mood, Instrument and/or Tempo, create, name and save Select Lists, then download the lists as .zip files and immediately import the contained lo-fi mp3s into Avid or Final Cut (or any other video editing workstation) to quickly audition them to picture at your convenience. You will obtain hi-quality versions of the cues when you obtain a license from us to use them. More information about the database is available on the "How This Site Works" page.

Please send me feedback by clicking the Contact button on the left.

Frank Ferrucci
January 2018